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Broken Pecan Trees, Ruined Cotton Harvest: Georgia Counts Michael's Cost
Hurricane Michael brought widespread crop destruction to southern Georgia’s cotton and pecan farms just weeks ahead of harvest time. Many farmers are now confronting a potentially devastating financial rout.
Harvard Admissions Dean Largely Ignored Report on Factors Affecting Asian-American Applicants
If admission to Harvard were based solely on academic merit, Asian-Americans would comprise 43% of the freshman class.
Trump Seeks 5% Budget Cuts From Cabinet Agencies
President Trump asked each cabinet member to devise proposals to cut their respective department budgets by 5% next year, days after the Treasury Department said the federal budget deficit had widened 17% to $779 billion.
An Army Veteran Wages War on Social-Media Disinformation
Kris Goldsmith has become the cybersleuth for the Vietnam Veterans of America, hunting fake Facebook pages that sow discord and often have roots overseas.
Fed Minutes Point to Continued, Gradual Interest-Rate Increases
Federal Reserve officials signaled they see a strong economy justifying continued interest-rate increases and said they will watch for evidence their moves are keeping economic growth on an even keel, minutes of their September policy meeting showed.
First Lady's Plane Turned Around After 'Mechanical Issue'
A plane carrying first lady Melania Trump was forced to return to Joint Base Andrews on Wednesday after a “minor mechanical issue” emerged in the air, the White House said.
Trial Shows Elite NCAA Stars Are Valuable, but Voiceless
Elite players are at the heart of a college-basketball corruption trial, but evidence and testimony has shown just how little say these players often have over decisions that can make, or imperil, their careers.
Trump Administration Moves to End Deep Discounts for Packages From China
The Trump administration opened a new front in Washington’s economic conflict with China, starting a process to withdraw from a 144-year-old international postal body whose discounts allow Chinese merchants to ship small packages to U.S. customers at steeply discounted rates.
Saudis, Turks Spar Over Missing Journalist as U.S. Eases Pressure
Saudi Arabia allowed Turkish officials investigating the suspected killing of a dissident Saudi journalist to search the residence of their top diplomat in Istanbul, as President Trump countered suggestions he was protecting the kingdom to preserve vital business and security ties.
Rolling in Cash, Democrats Lavish on Key Races
Republicans admit the money edge held by their rivals this election cycle but say they aren’t worried about their campaign budgets.
Treasury Official Charged with Leaking Sensitive Bank Information
A Treasury Department official was arrested and charged with disclosing to a reporter information about sensitive financial transactions related to the Russia investigation, the latest move in the Justice Department’s efforts to target government leaks to the media.
Chief Justice Roberts Emphasizes Supreme Court's Independence
Chief Justice John Roberts sought to quell some of the furor surrounding the Supreme Court and the confirmation of Justice Brett Kavanaugh, telling a college audience that the court remains an independent, nonpolitical institution.
Trump Threatens to Cut Off Aid to Honduras Over Immigration Caravan
President Trump said the U.S. had “strongly informed” the Honduras government that it would cut off aid to the country if a caravan of Honduran migrants headed for the U.S. wasn’t stopped. US News
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