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Buyer Tips for Closing

Things to Do Before Closing:

  • Transfer gas & electric service to your name
  • Set up telephone/internet service.
  • Notify post office of new address.
  • Notify subscriptions of new address.
  • Notify your lender & attorney of closing date & time.
  • Contact insurance agent for home owner's insurance.

What to Bring to Closing:

  • Driver's License or other photo ID.
  • Cashier's check for the final amount on Closing Statement, made payable to the Title Company.  If you are receiving funds from another Title Company from the sale of another home and you needs those funds to close on a new house, have the Title Company closing the sale of your home make your closing check made payable to both you AND the Title Company closing the sale of your new home.
  • Copy of your new homeowner's insurance binder.

A typical closing should take approximately 1 hour, and normally will take place at a title company. You'll be asked to sign a number of documents, exchange funds & receive a copy of your new deed & keys to your new home! Congratulations!

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Phone: 608-219-4929
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