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Getting Your Property Ready To Show


*First impressions matter!  Your front door is the first thing buyers will see.  Make sure it's fresh & clean.  Remove
  all cobwebs from doors, corners & the porch area.
*Power wash or paint if necessary.
*Replace any torn screens & cracked windows.
*Be sure your yard is free of debris & leaves.
*Cut & edge your lawn regularly, trim all the bushes, remove all weeds & re-seed any bare spots.
*Plant colorful flowers and add fresh mulch/stone to your landscaping beds.
*Make certain to remove all ice & snow from walkways, stairs & driveways.


*Open all drapes & curtains to let in as much natural light as possible.
*Clean windows, inside & out.
*Paint hallways & rooms that look dingy & touch up any areas that have been marked up.
*Steam clean or replace stained or worn carpeting.
*Fix any doors or cabinets doors that stick or have loose knobs and dripping faucets.
*Clean and organize closets, making them look larger & appealing to buyers.
*Clean the basement & garage thoroughly.
*Make sure all lights are working properly, replace all burned out bulbs.
*Remove all excess items from kitchen & bathroom counters.
*Have all dishes done & put away.  The kitchen sink should be empty & spotless.
*Run a damp cloth over the water heater, softener & furnace to remove all surface dust. 
*Replace the furnace filter & fill the water softener tank.
*Remove as many personal items in the house as possible.  You want a buyer to be able to envision themselves in
  your home.  It is difficult for buyers when a home is filled with too many personal mementos.
*Repair any damaged or discolored calking about the bathtub & shower areas.


*Open all drapes & turn on all lights
*Fresh flowers are always a nice touch!
*Avoid having people or animals present during showings so buyers can take their time viewing your home & all
  them the time & space to visualize the home as their own.

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Phone: 608-219-4929
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