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Tips for Packing and Moving

Two months before, you should:

- Go room by room to downsize and declutter. Sort through the items that you are keeping, donating, or selling. By having your house consolidated early, it will allow for a smoother, less stressful move.

- Obtain estimates for moving companies (Make sure to read the fine print for any additional charges)

- Create a “Moving” File, Binder, or Checklist. (There are also many apps available to keep you organized.) Maker sure to keep moving estimates, receipts, and all related material together in one location.

- Inventory everything valuable you are planning to move and determine replacement values. Sometimes things break in transit, this will be beneficial for insurance purposes.


Six weeks before, you should:

- Confirm Travel Arrangements

- If you are moving in the area, arrange for babysitters and/or pet sitters

- Check with your accountant to confirm which moving expenses can be deducted

- Compile all medical and dental records and prescription information. (Transfer pharmacies if necessary.)

- If packing yourself, start gathering packing materials including: boxes, different colored duct tape, packing tape, bubble wrap, Sharpies

- Start Packing, go room by room. It is helpful to use different colored duct tape for each room for easy recognition

- Arrange for kids’s school records to be transferred, if necessary.

- Start planning a yard sale or contact local charities for your unwanted items.

Four weeks before, you should:

- File a change of address, notify friends/family, and other important parties.

- Contact utility companies to disconnect, transfer or connect services.

- Call your newspaper courier and set a date to cancel your subscription.

- Continue packing items you don’t use as often.

1 week before, you should:

- Make copies of important document and collect all small valuables. Consolidate into one box, so you can either hand carry or mail them to your new home

- Pack an “open first” box with everything you will want right away

- Pack an an overnight bag for your first night or two in the new house. Moving is tiring, you may not get to unpacking all that you plan.

- Finish packing the rest of your belongs

- Drain all gas and oil from all mowers, snow blowers, grills, etc.

- Empty and Defrost the refrigerator

- Clean all empty rooms

- Arrange payment for moving company

- Get cash for tip for movers

Move out day: 

- Leave a note with your new address in the house so that future residents can forward any stray mail.

- Double check all rooms are completely empty and clean. (Leave it as you would like to see your new home.)

- Lock all windows and doors and turn off all lights.

- Tip movers

After the Move: 

- Consolidate all receipts and moving documents into “Moving” binder or file.

- Get a new driver's license and new license plates for your automobile.

- Register to vote.

- Contact the local paper for a new subscription.

Moving Day Apps

- Move Match
- Moving Day
- Move Planner
- Moving Van

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